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GCC Students:
In our student ministry we strive to help students navigate the rigors of life, pointing them to a God who loves them unconditionally. We believe that Scripture is the most important tool we have for reaching students and focus all our energy on pointing back to the importance of God’s Word in their daily lives.

Our purpose is to shepherd, teach, pursue, love and disciple the next generation in our communities for the Glory of God. We believe students are capable of leadership and that adults have incredible value in the lives of students.

We envision students waking up on Sunday mornings eager to engage in church service. We see Sunday nights becoming a time of student leadership, where students that have been carefully discipled are reaching out to their friends and inviting them into a relationship with Christ. We see Wednesday nights as intentional times of discipleship between older and younger. We see parents engaging with their students as the primary disciple makers in their lives. We are dedicated to accomplish our vision by engaging our students, teaching them to follow Christ, and developing them spiritually, so that they may fully live for Christ, and serve our church and local community.

We believe strongly that everything we do should have a purpose, and that purpose should be used in breaking down walls between us and the students. Whether games, music, teaching, or showing up in their day to day lives, we are intentional in everything we do.

We are called to love the Lord with all of our heart, soul, strength and mind, meaning everything within us. But then we have been called to love our neighbor. One of the foundations of our ministry is in the service of our neighbor. Leaders are expected to be at the forefront of serving, so that the students might learn by their examples. The student ministry will be built upon serving others, as leaders we should be setting that example.

Life on Life discipleship
Life change happens best in the context of relationships. Our adult leaders must take seriously the responsibility of knowing and meeting the needs of our students through relationships. This means showing up in their lives when times are good and times are bad.

STUDENTS ARE VALUED AND VALUABLE We want students to feel both loved and welcomed. When any student walks through our doors, we make it a point to try our best to show them their innate value in Jesus Christ.

DISCIPLESHIP IS OUR MODEL The center of student ministries is based around discipleship.  We believe this is the model of ministry that Jesus gave to us and that this provides the best environment for students to grow in their understanding and following of God. We accomplish this through meeting students in their daily lives, hosting small groups, and modeling a life that reflects Jesus well.

ADULTS ARE KEY It is our belief that the primary disciple makers in the lives of students are their parents/ guardians. Because of this, we value partnering with parents and setting them up for success. We also believe other adults offer innate value to students so we invite and encourage adults to work and volunteer with the students.

WE STRIVE TO KNOW GOD & LIVE IN THE WORLD The Bible is our sole rule for conduct and understanding of the nature of God. Because of this, we make it a point to teach from the Bible.  We believe that the Bible is not only exciting, but it is also very relevant to the lives of our students.   Because we know God has called us to live in a broken world, our goal is to teach students the power and truth in Scriptures so that they may see just how important it is in their day to day lives.

STUDENTS ARE CAPABLE OF LEADERSHIP We firmly believe that students are the church of today, not tomorrow. Students are leaders in their day to day lives in their friend groups, school, and at church. We will strive to empower them to this end by providing them with opportunities to serve within and outside of the church building.

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