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<ACTivate> – GCC Middle and High School Ministry

We want our middle & high schoolers to be activated in their faith to live out what they have been hearing and seeing. We want to apprentice them into an active process of intentional discipleship. We want middle and high schoolers to become brothers and sisters in the faith as vital contributors to the church. We want to give students a vision for making disciples and spreading the gospel around the community and the world. We want to have adult leaders who actively live out their faith and come alongside the youth to teach them and show them how to live for Christ. We want students to develop healthy relationships with their parents in going along the spiritual journey together. We also want them to have 4-5 other adults they are connected to as they emerge into adults. In all of this, we want them to have healthy meaningful peer relationships and interactions as they grow in faith.

Mission Statement:
Lift up Jesus, Lift up our brothers and sisters, and Lower ourselves to serve others with the Good News

Vision Statement:
Exalting Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – Grow in the Lord, by putting Him first and praising Him only. Be devoted to God’s word, fellowship, breaking bread, and prayer as a way of worshipping the Lord in spirit and
truth. We exalt Him personally as a disciple of Christ and in the midst of community as the body of Christ.

Empowering Faith – Grow in faith. Have faith in the Lord that expects His presence and power in our daily lives. Live in bold relationship with Jesus, knowing that He gifts us by His Spirit. We are empowered by the
Spirit and encouraged through DiscipleMaking to display faith through our time, talent, and treasure in making Christ known to the world.

Encouraging Fellowship – Grow in relationship with one another by encouraging one another in faith and life.  This involves being connected to the whole church as the body of Christ – young, old, and everyone in the
middle from all backgrounds together as one. The whole body of Christ is to be connected in fellowship and ministry together with all ages and all areas of service.

Equipping Followers – Grow in courage. Leaders will partner with other Christ followers and families to prepare and walk alongside one another in cultivating DiscipleMaking. As a church, we train and support disciples in
multiplying faith in discipleship and service. In family ministry, we seek to equip parents and grandparents to lead their children in faith. We seek to come alongside families to provide support, community, and team
service as co-laborers in Christ.

Engaging Fatherless & Faithless – Grow in serving others and sharing our faith with the world. This starts with the leadership of the Holy Spirit and joining in the work God is already leading. We proclaim the Gospel
through our words and actions to cultivate DiscipleMaking. We intentionally go and send others to the lost, lonely, and hurting – locally, nationally, and globally.

Enjoying Forever – Grow for eternity. Look beyond the here and now to the eternal life we have with Christ.  Living the blessed life through an obedient faith in the present because eternity has already begun. Live with
joy knowing that we have hope for a perfect glorified body and home.

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