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“Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God.”–1 Peter 2:17


Here at GCC we are very intentional in seeing men become faithful Christian disciples and loving leaders in their homes, churches, and communities. Our men’s ministry is designed to help men form supportive male relationships with one another. We desire to EMBOLDEN ENCOURAGE, and EQUIP.


Because one of the best ways that the Christian life is encouraged is when it is actively lived out amongst a community of Christian believers, we believe men are in need of community amongst one another. Personal transparency, prayer, practical wisdom, and accountability foster consistent growth. Just as soldiers need the support of one another as they go into battle, we as “spiritual” warriors also need the support of fellow believers.


We provide men a variety of opportunities to assist each other in living out two primary roles as 1) Disciples and 2) Leaders. We have therefore purposely designed opportunities which will allow men to participate given their schedule limitations and interests. Some opportunities are yearly, some monthly, and some weekly. We have structured our ministry in a way that will help men to KNOW, routinely GROW, and allow leaders to SHOW each other how to be the men that God has called us to be.


  • KNOW the church body. Facilitating fellowship-based opportunities which allow men to meet and fellowship with one another. These include Men’s breakfasts, small groups, retreats, sports outings, father/child event, etc.
  • GROW into faithful disciples and loving leaders. Encouraging men to become active participants in growth-based opportunities. These include small groups, retreats/seminars, etc.

That’s a pretty hefty mandate of responsibility, but exactly why we are in need of another! Proverbs tells us it’s like iron sharpening iron. It’s good when Christian men fellowship and dig into His Word. Here are some ways we can encourage men to get involved at GCC.


  • Men’s Bible Study: Mondays @ 7pm; Wednesdays @ 6:30pm; Fridays @ 6:30am
  • “Huddle” – food and fellowship for guys: as scheduled the first Monday of the month @ 7 pm
  • Men’s Prayer Meeting for Leaders – to pray for, specifically by name, mainly our National political leaders – and besides the President and Vice President, it includes the President’s Cabinet, the Congress, our Ambassadors, the Supreme Court, the Federal judges, State leaders, and leaders in the Body of Christ, particularly John Baker and the other GCC elders; the first Wednesday morning of each month @6:30am
  • Monday Crew – Property team Mondays 9am
  • Men’s Breakfasts as scheduled
  • Men’s Conference Simulcast
  • Mentoring Younger Men/Couples
  • Volunteering with (((echo))) kids and <ACTivate> Middle & High School
  • Missions


John Baker,  Men’s Ministry Leader

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