Faith Promise

Faith Promise requires a commitment between God and oneself.

It requires one to commit to giving a specific amount of money and by faith, based on God’s promises, expect Him to enable one to do it. As a result, one gains new eyes and begins to see stewardship in a totally different way– instead of sitting back waiting, beginning to actively look for ways in which God will provide in order to fulfill the Faith Promise.

Faith Promise | How Does One Make A Faith Promise? | GCC

A Faith Promise for the evangelization of the world becomes an expression of obedience to Christ’s command. He uses faithfulness based on His promise to build His church worldwide.


Trusting God to enable you to give more than you thought was possible, and at the same time meet all your needs.


The basis of trusting in God, because He promised to supply for all our needs.

The principle of Faith Promise is found in 2 Corinthians 8 and 9. Verse 3 of Chapter 8 uses the expression, “to their power” (as much as they were able) and “beyond their power” (beyond their ability): “to their power” (ability) relates to their tithes and offerings–or their known resources of income. “Beyond their power” relates in a special way to the principle of Faith Promise giving–or beyond any known sources of income, looking to the Lord in faith for the way He will enable them to give.

We take into account what we foresee of what can be given to missions over the next year. Then we lift our hearts in faith and pray: “Lord, over and above my ability, how much more shall I trust you to enable me to give?” It is not what God necessarily gives you, but what He enables you to give.

Does a Faith Promise always come in some dramatic, unexpected manner?

Do I make a Faith Promise and then just sit back and wait to see what happens?

Once in a while, God does surprise us with a dramatic miracle. But usually, a Faith Promise does not come in such a way. God’s miracle may come as you cut back in some area that will enable you to have more to give, or as one looks for some creative way to do something extra that will generate income, enabling you to give.

How does a Faith Promise work?

Because a Christian lives with one overall purpose in mind–to glorify God–believers should want to give more to advance His Kingdom. A Faith Promise for world missions, then, becomes an expression of obedience to Christ’s command: “to make disciples of all people”.

By committing to a Faith Promise, one totally gains a different perspective on what one has and one’s priorities. You begin to see everything you own as belonging to God. You’ll look for ways He will enable you to give more and more for His global cause. You will not be relying on your limited resources, but on His unlimited resources.

How does one make a Faith Promise?

  • PRAY for what the Lord would have you to do, and know that what He commands, He also enables.
  • COMMIT yourself to make a Faith Promise, realizing that your faith will grow as you stay committed to that promise.
  • LOOK for different ways God will use you to give your Faith Promise.
  • BE FAITHFUL to give as God enables you.


God gave me a particular number and I put it down. I put it on the card, tore it off, and turned in the part for that, and kept the other part where I could see it every day where I put my keys and my wallet. As God provided extra money that wasn’t budgeted for something else, I gave that to missions, and I kept track of it on the back of my card.

God gave me a number that was just what I thought I was supposed to do for the year. Well, God gave me that money in 4 months. So, I was able, as I looked at that card every day and would get a few bucks together, to put it in an envelope I kept in my drawer. And as I got enough, I’d write a check and put it in the offering marked Faith Promise on the memo line. It was an adventure to me.

Faith Promise | How Does One Make A Faith Promise? | GCC
Faith Promise | How Does One Make A Faith Promise? | GCC

So it’s more than it’s just we need an idea of budgets. That’s really not the main reason. The main reason is to say, “God what do you want me to do for the world this year.” And, it’s an adventure. You end up getting a refund for something or they cut your phone bill or you find some money you forgot about or you get a side job and you have some extra money. God works through Faith Promise in some amazing ways!

"Budgets don’t get me that excited, but I want to challenge you because it does excite me to think about how many people at GCC can be a part of what’s going on around the world."

~ John Baker

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